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'Sometimes I Feel Sad' is a Photography & Music project about Men’s Mental Health, and in particular my own struggles with it.

As has been widely publicised, there is a stigma around men talking about their issues, so I have replaced each ‘man’ in the picture with a teddy bear, to hide behind the anonymity of it. I wanted to use characters that deliberately bought about warm child-like memories, to contrast with my writings; and images that bordered on the ridiculous, to show the lengths needed for most men to talk about these things. 


I’ve used a diverse mix of teddies to try and resemble all types of men and show how indiscriminate these feelings can be. I’ve also used many every-day situations to show how these issues are hiding in plain sight. It has been a cathartic experience making this project.





MOAL - Sometimes I Feel Sad
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The song was inspired by the Disney songs of the 1930's-50's. I wanted to continue the theme of the photographs; contrasting the feelings of child-like warmth & happiness, with the melancholic rawness of the message.

Written, recorded, performed*, mixed and mastered by MOAL.
*except violin, by Darian Donovan Thomas


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