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'A LONG TIME by MOAL is a unique 100-piece 1/1 photography & music collection.


“This project is by far the most adventurous work of my lifetime and I am incredibly proud to put it out there into the world” ~MOAL

MOAL - 'A LONG TIME (official trailer)

Describe the photography element of the project?

All the images were captured in-camera, so no Photoshop etc was used in making these works. I used a technique called ‘long exposure’, where the camera shutter stays open for longer, which then gives you time to sculpt the light in whatever way you like. Apart from some basic editing and occasional black & white converted shots, everything you see is exactly what came out of the camera. The images have been subtlety animated and each piece then has 1/100th of the entire song attached to it.

MOAL - A Long Time (lo res) (1).jpg

Image 1/100

MOAL - A Long Time (lo res) (2).jpg

Image 51/100

MOAL - A Long Time (lo res).jpg

Image 8/100

Describe the musical element of the project?

I would consider myself first & foremost a musician, so wanted to finally showcase that side of me in my NFT work. I created a mammoth song totalling 42mins54secs, consisting of many movements, styles and a huge array of textures. All the music was written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed & mastered by myself; I say this not for any egotistical purposes, but so you understand the breadth of work that went into making this.


It showcases so many of my stylistic and artist inspirations, ranging from Henryk Górecki’s ‘Symphony No.3’, Steve Reich’s polyphonic work in ‘Electric Counterpoint’, Tom Morello’s guitar work in Rage Against The Machine, Sigur Rós’ ethereal & explosive power, Jeff Buckley’s tender voice, Radiohead’s emotive compositional work and finally my biggest inspiration; the colossal, unique, innovative and forever-beautiful songwriting of Björk.

Movement I:  5:14mins - 6:19mins

'Theremin' Guitar solo: 

26:37mins - 27:19mins

Why did you animate the project?

After I finished, I still felt there was something missing. So I learnt Adobe Premiere Pro and proceeded to add subtle animation to all images. I wanted to keep the photograph the main visual element, but add just enough movement to keep the eyes alert. I like how it finished as a piece of almost ‘living art’.

Animated piece 1/100

Is there a reason you made each piece 25secs?

I made the full song very long so each piece would have a substantial amount of music attached to it. I specifically kept it under 27 seconds, as research published in ‘The Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts’ in 2017 shows that the average person spends just over 27 seconds looking at a great work of art. I found this interesting so wanted to keep that as a maximum threshold.

Has the work been exhibited before?

The project had it's world premiere at ArtSect Gallery in London, Aug 2022. You can see a quick summary of the night below:

'A LONG TIME' exhibition, London Aug '22

How do I buy the NFT version?

0.2Ξ PUBLIC / Total Supply: 100

You will get the NFT plus:

- The full song in .wav and .mp3 formats for you to enjoy in full.

- An instrumental version of the song.

- A hi-res .jpeg of the still image.

- A lyric sheet.

- Exclusive invitations to any future IRL events.

- Pre-mint access to my next collection (for first collectors that match the total pieces avail for my next collection).

- Enter into raffle where one winner will get a FREE photoshoot with me in the UK with 5 fully retouched edits OR a video call where you can ask me anything on photography techniques/tips (initial collectors only, once all sold out).


After Purchase: Connect your wallet, then click on the same button again.

Click 'Claim Extras' and download!

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